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Learn more about our dog training classes in Portsmouth or Norfolk, VA

Drop in training is where you bring your dog and drop them off for a day of play with others and a training session in the afternoon. These are packages of 6 sessions and 1 FREE class with a trainer so you learn what we have been doing! This package your dog goes home with a report card of their day and videos/pictures of things they have done throughout the day! If interested in this option or you need more information, us at 757-724-1332 or stop in at our convenient location 2400 Granby St Norfolk or if the Chesapeake location is closer contact The Ruff House Stay & Play at 757-251-0699. They are located at 917 Ventures Way in Chesapeake. Very convenient for Virginia Beach and all parts of Chesapeake and Norfolk!

Day training packages at the Norfolk location are $450 and include multiple sessions of training, socialization, as well as enrichment activities.

Day training package for The Ruff House location is $360 and includes daycare. Contact them to schedule this location.

We look forward to meeting and working with your dog!

Additional Information

Enrichment club membership $180
1 day $50
5 days $200
15 days $550
Agility class $300 (6 classes)
Nose work class $300 (5 classes)
Obedience package $350 (8 classes)
Trick class $300 (6 classes)
Travel class $300 (8 classes)
Puppy socialization $250 (6 days)