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Wishing You Were Saying "Who's a Good Boy?"

Get drop-off dog training at our center in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, & Chesapeake, VA

Is your dog's behavior out of control? Drop-off your dog at Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility for obedience training. Our skilled trainers will show your dog how to listen to commands, burn excess energy and solve common problems.

Drop-off dog training can help your puppy learn and grow while you're focusing on other things. Contact our team today to learn more about our training services in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, & Chesapeake, VA.

Let a specialist train your dog

We offer obedience and socialization training for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Hiring a professional to train your dog is highly recommended to:

  • Teach your dog proper social behavior
  • Help manage aggression levels
  • Keep your dog well-behaved and obedient

Obedience training is essential if you want your dog to listen to you. By teaching them commands, you'll be able to walk them with ease and take them to public places without worrying.

Ready to take advantage of professional socialization training? Book your puppy's spot in our drop-off dog training class today.