We are still open and starting next week we have several new things and changes.

These are tough times for many of us and hope this finds all of you well and doing what you can to get rid of this pandemic.
I wanted to let you know as many of you do it is hard for businesses during this time. So I have been trying to come up with a solution to get us through these times.
If you have not seen or not on the Facebook client page (only for current clients/ inboard clients) or not on social media, I wanted to let you know what our plan is to be able to abide by the social distancing to keep everyone safe but also offer up opportunities to train your dog and for you to get out a bit safely.
For those doing inboard or boarding, NOTHING has changed except the way we are doing things on our end. No one will be allowed in the building. Dogs will be brought in and out by myself or Jordon and only things the dog is allowed to have or be brought is their food which we will wipe down or spray container off prior to going into the building. All leashes etc will go home with owners. No other items will be allowed except for the food or meds the dog needs. Upon pick up, the same routine will be kept. Dog and food will be brought out of building for you and if you would like you may disinfect at that time. But we are disinfecting everything to extremes. As for inboard, that will go on as clients would like. Upon pick up, we will work with you at a distance individually. Everyone who is picking up will be given a time to come without any other clients there and instructions given as well as training to go home with. These will no longer be on Sundays right now but during the week. Starting this Mon we will have clients who are picking up will be given a time. We ask that you please be prompt and on time so that we keep everyone on schedule and have no one waiting.

As for classes, we will be opening up classes again. There are some changes. The classes will be Mon-Fri at 2 locations. The first location will be at the kennel. There will be a sign up and limit of 5 per class. NO MORE. The classes will be held outside weather permitting so everyone has plenty of space and no one is touching anything or anyone except their vehicles getting in and out. The classes at the kennel location will be Mon Tues Wed Thurs Friday mornings. Either myself or Jordon will be teaching the classes while the other is working the dogs we have in for training. The times for this will be sent out once we get the program up and running. There will also be 2 spots open for nosework. We will have 2 nosework classes each 5 people each. NO MORE. Those will also run on one of the mornings. The other class will be located at the Ruff House in an outdoor area that has access from the parking. Again, there will be no one inside building and nothing for anyone to touch going in and out of the area.

We will also be offering an agility class again same criteria as the Nosework class and same locations. One at kennel one at the Ruff House location. Again sign up will be required and will be outside and weather dependent. These are ALL DAY classes. The obedience classes, Nosework class and agility class will all be Wed and Thurs at the Ruff House location. TImes will be announced.

Another option if you would like us to work with your dog there is an option to drop your dog off at the Ruff House for some enrichment/daycare and training with Jordon or myself on Wed and Thurs. This is a drop in service and dog can have aggression issues at this time for us to work with. Let them know so they know how to appropriately put your dog/ evaluate for daycare. Please call them to schedule this service their number is 757-251-0699. Let them know I sent you.

The other option we will be putting out is if you are still not wanting to be around others in these small groups and with all the safety measures we will have in place, we will offer private session. These will be limited and again during the day and only at the Kennel location on West Neck Rd. Training times will be opened and again these are strictly Mon- Fri 9-4pm. There are NO weekend options at this time.

The last option we will have is virtual training for those that the above is still not safe enough for you, we will offer a virtual training sessions. These again will be limited and will be scheduled online during certain times as it will require me to be online at my computer. You WILL have to have internet, computer and camera to be able to use this service. It will be through a service I already have in place. But can be one on one or we can do a few people. but again, will need the above criteria.

All dogs brought in for inboard or boarding will have all items sanitized.

I am trying my best to keep the few employees I have left employed and working as safe as possible while still trying to operate a business the best I can during this time. If you have any questions, comments, ideas etc we will be happy to hear them. We would ask that if anyone has been out of country, been sick, is sick, around anyone who has been sick, think they may be feeling sick DO NOT COME TO CLASS OR ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES!! We are trying our best so please help us to be able to operate to keep those of us working safe as well as our clients safe.

In the meantime everyone stay safe and lets get out and enjoy the outdoors now that it is getting nicer! Lets hope this goes away quickly and life gets back to normal!

With Regards,
Brandy Eggeman- Owner

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