Please check out FACEBOOK as well as stop by and talk with clients during a class those are more current…come observe. ALWAYS happy to have a visitor! ( do not bring dogs if observing)

Donna Torchio reviewed — 5 star   January 28, 2018 I have 15 years at the end of a leash (retired K-9) and would not take my dog (Belgian Malinois) anywhere else. Brandy understands behavior-it’s key to successful training. She also understands the different breeds of dogs helping the owners understand some of the behaviors. Her methods of training are long term. 
I never worry about my dog when boarding. He loves her!

Jeffrey Burpee reviewed — 5 star March 4, 2018 Brandy is amazing and went beyond what I was hoping could be accomplished with my monster. Ace is a 180 pound English Mastiff and is 5 and a half years old. He was said to be an aggressive dog which you could say but it was more nervousness and anxiety around strangers and new people which I guess made him aggressive. At that age I was iffy on training but spent a couple hours over about a couple weeks with Brandy just talking on the phone. Finally with just talking with her I said she is the one if any. Guess what she was definitely the one. She had him walking through a store at like day two or three. I couldn’t take him to the sidewalk and back if someone was outside without him going nuts. Still take Ace to classes for further training and Ace has a new best friend in Brandy, he loves her. If anyone ever asks me about dog training I am telling them Brandy with no hesitation. Thank you so much.

 Stacey Saunders  reviewed — 5 star  June 1,  2017    Frisco is home from “boarding school”. We are very happy with our results thus far. We will continue to train and work with him here at home. Today he showed us all he learned… sit, down, stay, leave it, heel and wait! Being only 8 months old we know he will continue to learn and I would recommend Brandy to anyone! Thank you Brandy!

Ann Dumenigo reviewed — 5 star December 25, 2017·  We love Citizen K9 and Brandy’s knowledge and confidence with the dogs. We did inboard training for our puppy and will continue to use Citizen K9 for occasional obedience tune-ups. Great business!

Ann Marie McGunnigle reviewed — 5 star December 16, 2017·  Brandy saved my sanity. My home was chaotic because my dog was a jerk�. The two week boarding was INVALUABLE. Kody is a completely different dog and such a pleasure to be around now. Thanks Brandy!!!! You really have changed the dynamics in my home and lowered my stress level 10 fold. I highly recommend the boarding then the follow up classes.

Frances Clarkson reviewed — 5 star August 15, 2017   Half way through our 8 class package and couldn’t be happier!! My Pit mix YOLO and I are having a blast and learning so much. I love the group classes and being able to work with dogs at different levels at the same time. Even though it is a group class Brandy gives us lots of one on one coaching and feedback. I’m excited to finish this package and sign up for more!!! 

Emily Kamppi reviewed  — 5 star December 11, 2017  Brandy is the dog whisperer! Once a dog has met Brandy, the dog never forgets her! Brandy was SO helpful with our giant schnauzer and old English sheepdog! Both girls and both 2 years old, our giant schnauzer, Leah, started attacking and bullying our old English sheepdog, Winnie. Leah now has manners and is controllable, and Winnie is becoming more social but remains timid. Brandy works with the pets and the owners; it’s not just class for your pets, you’re in class as well! Her feedback is always spot on and she is so caring about us and our fur babies. She’s the best, hands down!

 September 30, 2012 Brandy And her son are absolutely amazing. I have 2 Doxens that were little beasts, And nothing I tried worked housebreak them or get them to do what I said. I actually ended up sending them to the 2 week boarded training program because I was so overwhelmed. They came back completely different Dogs, they are housebroken, kennel trained, sit And stay, heel when told. Brandy is my hero!! A true miracle.Kristina L. 

Amanda W.Virginia Beach, VA7/29/2012     My German shepherd Grace was a scared little mouse when we first her her, she wouldn’t let anyone touch her or come near her. I was recommended Citizen K9 by my vet, and I am soooo happy I chose to call Brandy. Within a few weeks of training, Grace was more sociable than I ever thought she would be! Before week 4, she was running around with all the other dogs, letting other people pet her and was just all around a more confident dog. We tried everything under the sun that we read on the Internet, other things recommended by other trainers, and then some… None of it compared to the expertise provided to us by, as far as I’m concerned, the only option in dog training. Book with her NOW! 

Amy P.Virginia Beach, VA7/24/2012  My sweet baby Kenzie just completed training and GRADUATED with Brandi (Citizen K-9 Dog Training) and she had a blast. I think Brandi is very talented and does a great job with training and just dogs in general. Kenzie is a 8mth old Frenchie who is very stubborn but Brandi really took the time and effort to help us! I haven’t had a dog since my teen years and really needed a “Go To” person and Brandi was that! She has a vast knowledge of all dogs and really knew a lot about Frenchies also! Brandi was able to train Kenzie and overcome some of her stubborn ways. I really enjoyed her class and will be talking more in the future 

Romano R.Elizabeth City, NC7/28/2012   I swear by Brandy and her methods of training. I have an 11 month old German Shepherd puppy, and we are testing for his STAR Puppy certification tomorrow. 8 weeks ago, you couldn’t tell me that by the time the test rolled around I would have any confidence in his ability to pass.. But looking back on all the things that Brandy has taught us, I have all the confidence in the world that my good boy will excel at his exam! If that didn’t give you a “warm and fuzzy” about her, maybe this next story will. Another student of Brandy’s tried to eat her the first day, literally. Within 20 minutes of work, he was obeying her like she was his owner. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Citizen K9 is we’re it’s at for training your canine family member, I would trust no one else, cause there simply is no suitable alternative to Brandy 

Pablo L.Chesapeake, VA5/15/2012   I chose Citizen K9 after researching websites of training programs in our area. I liked all the information provided there. I noticed a difference in our border collie (mix?) after the very first session. Mainly because I received training that day. Me and my dog started communicating and both of us started behaving! My husband came home 3 weeks later and joined us at training. I believe he and the dog wouldn’t have bonded without it. It is amazing what our dog is capable of and it makes us so proud of him. Brandy knows dogs and I think she’s an amazing teacher of people AS well as dogs. I know its got to be a tough job training humans and every dogs different; but Brandy’s suggestions and creativity worked for us-in every situation We are truly impressed with this program and Brandy is nothing short of amazing with dogs (and their people!) We have confidence in our dog now and us as his owners!  

Hi Brandy – 
It occurred to me that we never sent an e-mail to thank you for all of your help with Sully.  The class made an amazing difference with his obedience – we can’t tell you how happy we are with the change.  It was well worth it.  We would not have believed it if you’d told us at the start that he’d get his CGC at the end…  We’d still like to get him involved in some additional training in the Spring to keep him moving in the right direction. 
Thanks Again!Bill      **This dog had some aggression issues that we fixed during the class** 

“The level of service at Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism!Thank you!”Rene, Virginia Beach     “In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”Libby, Newport Ne

“I contacted Brandy because I was having a variety of behavioral issues with my 7 year old German Shepherd.  I read a variety of training books and even watched many episodes of “The Dog Whisperer” and “It’s Me or the Dog” but could not find effective techniques to properly focus his energy.  Brandy gave me practical solutions that work in a variety of situations.  She came to our home, listened to all of our issues, explained then demonstrated the techniques she recommended, and had us practice them while she watched and coached us along.  Brandy never rushed us, provided her undivided attention every step of the way and encouraged us to contact her if any follow up was needed. And her methods work!!” Terry,Virginia Beach   We bring our puppy to Brandy’s beginning Obedience class and enjoy it tremendously.   What impressed us the most was when her standard methods don’t yield the desired results, Brandy takes into account the individual dog, specific issue and the personality of the parent. She then devises a tailor made solution.  She doesn’t tell you to keep using the same method repeatedly if she doesn’t see fairly quick improvements.  Although we’re in a group class, we feel very much as if we are getting the individual attention both we and our puppy need and are pleased that our boy is being properly socialized in a positive environment.  I highly recommend Citizen K-9 Training. Jimmy,Virginia Beach 

We have been participating in Brandy’s Senior Wellness program over the last few months has truly improved the quality of life for two of the special needs Cavaliers that I’ve been fostering – one recoverying for bilateral patella surgery and the other with degenerative arthritis.  Not only does the pool time and massage help their mobility but the games and low-impact agility have really made them more alert! Best, KarenVirginia Beach

August 18, 2013RE: Brandi Salazar, Dog TrainerTo Whom It May Concern:I would highly recommend Brandi as a dog trainer. I have been taking my 17 month old German Shepherd to Brandi’s weekly class since she was a puppy, and we are working on more advanced training. I have learned a lot from Brandi, and I am constantly complemented on how well behaved my dog is.I have watched Brandi work with many different dogs over the past year, including some with aggression issues and other problems. She has worked wonders with the dogs, showing their owners what is needed and how to work with them. She has an instinctive feel for what a dog needs and how to work with it to overcome any issues. She is always ready to help whenever an owner states a problem their dog is having, often employing props to help overcome issues.Brandi has an instant rapport with the dogs, commanding their respect and attention, often garnering instant obedience. She does this with firmness, patience and rewards — never using abuse, electric collars or prong collars. She teaches the owners how to do the same, customizing the training advice for the personality of each dog.I can’t recommend Brandi highly enough if you are looking for a trainer for your dog, whether you are looking for weekly classes or inboard training. You will not find another trainer who is more in tune with the dogs and their owners.Sincerely,
Rochelle Bodner 

August 16, 2013Reference: Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility, Brandy Eggman-OwnerTo Whom It May Concern:We discovered Brandy while searching for quality dog trainers in the Hampton Roads area. Admittedly I was unsure if Brandy was the right trainer for our two “little dogs” as she is regarded as the premier trainer for large breed search & rescue dogs. Before we even attended our first class, Brandy & I exchanged several emails and even had a couple of lengthy phone calls to discuss our concerns. Brandy assured me that we could work together to train our two dogs.We have two miniature dachshunds – one male “Noodle” (age 3) the other female “Lucy” (age 1); both were in need of obedience training! Noodle & Lucy needed basic command training (sit, stay, heel, etc.) but our 3 year old (rescue) was also extremely nervous around people & other dogs and barked non-stop!On the first day of class, there were 4 German Shepherds, 1 Labrador and 1 Doberman…and our two wiener dogs…it was comical to say the least! But, as we near the end of our first 8-week session, both of our dogs now respond to basic verbal commands, and Noodle will even allow people to pet him! I’m confident Noodle & Lucy will both take & pass their “Canine Good Citizen” test next week! We plan on signing up for Brandy’s next 8-week class to expand their training, and our overall understanding of dog behavior.We HIGHLY recommend Brandy Eggman – Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility!!!Sincerely,Chip & Tricia Chappell

To Whom It May Concern: 
I am writing this letter for the benefit of any prospective clients of Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility LLC and also to show my appreciation for the excellent training work Brandy did with our Doberman puppy, Athena.  Not only Brandy was able to make an instant connection with Athena and us, but also she was able to receive positively feedbacks from Athena. Athena used to be shy and did not trust anybody; however, with the help and tips of Brandy, my husband and I were successfully able to work with her.  To this day we have no problem with our puppy. We attended the classes held on Sundays, which were mostly basic obedience training; however, Brandy went above and beyond. You can also tell she is very passionate about what she does and I completely trust her with Athena, which is a big of deal for me as I do not trust anybody else with my baby. 
Thank you for all you do, Brandy. 
Caterina Wilson

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