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I can not recommend Brandy enough! Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, she is an open book with that knowledge and so happy to help guide you through this process! Batman did a two week inboard, and we are in the middle of classes now. Not only has he improved with her training, I have improved now that I know what I SHOULD be doing. There is so much information out there (some conflicting), but her expertise is undeniable! Brandy has made our life so much more harmonious, and I can enjoy having a dog verses being frustrated to the point of tears every day. It is definitely work on your part after the inboard, but I finally know what to do, and if I ever have a question, she is right there to help me! Thank you Brandy for all you do!

Kristen M.

We have a 2 year old Aussie who was the wild one of the litter. My best friend has our dog's brother and he is super chill. Our dog is bananas. I tried doing training on my own with books, but this dog is way out of my scope. She struggles mostly with OCD on reflections and moving objects and barrier aggression. We have friends who have had success with Citizen K9 and we took our dog for the 4 week inboard. Our dog did not come back to us a perfect 100% obedient dog....No more than if you sent a child somewhere for a month and expect them to be perfect forever. Our dog is still who she is (bananas), but she came out of inboard lightyears ahead of where she started, and Brandy/Brianna have both been very validating and encouraging and adamant about how important continued work and training are. 8 group classes (where we are in class with our dog) are included in the 4 week inboard training. And these 8 classes very obviously are mostly for us, the humans, to learn this art of dog training. In the class I feel kind of silly and awkward sometimes but I'm learning so much both knowledge and confidence working with my animal. When Brandy demonstrates a task she'd like us to do, she has sometimes used my dog as an example and our dog is perfect for her, LOL. It's very humbling because when I get the leash back, my dog and I are a bit of a clown show LOL. But only having taken the 2nd class I feel so good about my progress with my dog, and am excited to complete the 8 classes... and probably continue with more as they're offered because I need all the help I can get. Also, just to show what kind of people Brandy & team are, they sent me a sympathy card when my older dog (that was never trained there) passed away last week. This very much is a family atmosphere full of people who are passionate about dogs AND their owners. I'm thankful to be a part of it.

Laura Pease

Great facility for boarding and Brandy and her staff do great with my 2 dogs, both of which have aggression issues. they are always happy as can be when I drop them off and pick them up! we have also taken her training classes and Brandy really knows the best way to approach our dogs and assist us so we can walk our babies without pulling and correct behaviors in a safe way. Citizen k9 is the only place I would board my dogs and the only place I trust.

Samantha G.

I can't say enough about this facility! it is one of the BEST I've encountered. Brandy Eggeman (the owner) will go out of her way to work with you and your dog. I came to Brandy with my very aggressive dog, I was at my very last resort. I could positively say that Brandy saved our relationship. She will challenge you and push you in class in order for you to have confidence in walking/training your dog. That's what a good trainer does! and that's BRANDY

Phuong N. T.

Brandy and her team have been so great to our dogs with boarding and training and now inboard training for one of our dogs. She uses positive reinforcement techniques and really works with you on how to train your dog. I love the use of the positive reinforcement techniques since I am a behavior analyst, she uses consistent use of behavioral principles. We didn't keep up with training with our dogs the first time around so we just sent one to inboard training. But as soon as we got there they were so sweet and receptive to him even with his dog aggression and leash aggression. When we have boarded there in the past, it's one of the only places my dogs don't come back with hoarse voices from barking so much. The facility is clean and they really take care of and care for each dog. They keep them happy, exercised and occupied during the day with enrichment such as a treadmill and different activities on rainy days. We would definitely recommend training and boarding here. I will say, only train here though if you're willing to put in the work on the back end with your dog and for you to be trained as well. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money. You have to be trained just as much as the dog.

Kristen L.

Brandy is a fantastic trainer. She uses positive reinforcement. She is patient, supportive, and professional. She offers personalized attention during her classes and makes everyone feel at ease.

I only trust Brandy and her staff when boarding my two German Shepherds. She's very familiar with their personalities, and makes them feel at home tending to all their needs. I highly recommend Brandy! She is an expert and truly loves what she does each and every day with every animal she works with.

Megan B.

Brandy and her team are absolutely amazing! I adopted a GSD who was shock collar trained and he has severe fear reactive and confidence issues. Their training has helped us a BIG WAY! We recent dropped him off at her boarding facility and was invited in for a tour. First thing we noticed was how clean it was. Each dog had a schedule posted in their respective kennel with daily essential checklist, plenty of training tool and even a treadmill for rainy days. We asked for the 4 week course because we understand it takes time to work on behavior issues. Dogs require trust and care to be properly trained.

We tried many other trainers and Brandy's team was the most effective for us. I will post an update when our GSD come back from training.
On a side note, one of the things we love about her obedience class is its not just for the dog, they train the person how to train the dog along with building a trusting and lasting relationship.

Max E.

We could not be happier with our experience with Brandy and Citizen K9. After adopting a rescue, we went for obedience lessons through another group where she did well - only to be expelled from 2 doggy daycare/boarding programs for being aggressive with other dogs and one handler. We thought we were out of options until we found Citizen K9 and had some reservations based on a couple online reviews. We decided to do the 4 week boarding program and continued the recommended weekly classes. The changes we have seen in our dog's behavior are amazing and Brandy is truly gifted at what she does. Strangers can't believe how gentle our dog is now and we now take her out to parks/breweries without concern. Brandy has taught us so much about our own behavior and how dogs react. I would add that the boarding program definitely helped our dog but the follow-up classes helped us as owners tremendously and gave us the tools to continue working at home (Having been through the program I would say that expecting your dog to return 'perfect' after boarding is unrealistic but if you are willing to commit the time to classes to understand your dog and how to shape its behavior, this is an excellent program).

Mike C.

After speaking with multiple trainers in the area, I had one conversation with Brandy and that's all it took for me to know she was the trainer for us. She took her time to discuss her methods which focus on identifying what motivates your dog and using it to encourage appropriate behaviors through positive reinforcement. She stresses the importance of off leash obedience through the development of a working partnership with your dog. I knew that this would be important for us as we were adding a 13 week old Doberman puppy to our family which included a 10 month old baby.

We completed Brandy's puppy socialization classes, 2 week in board training, obedience classes, and her intro to trick dog activity classes. We are beyond thrilled with Ollie's progression throughout the 6 months. Her weekly obedience classes are great because she shows you how to work through distractions (real world situations). It can be challenging at first while you work on your dogs focus but we left each class with goals to work on throughout the week which facilitated significant progress.

Ollie enjoyed his in board training while he worked with Brandy and Jordan. They were both very communicative and even had videos to share demonstrating his progress throughout. He came home much more responsive, less impulsive, and very happy.

Brandy goes out of her way to trouble shoot through problems and answer any questions you may have.

We have learned so much in regards to dog behavior and had so much fun while doing it.
Ollie is now 9 months old and has already completed both his canine good citizen and novice trick dog titles. Brandy has given us the tools to development wonderful partnerships with our dog and well as facilitate an Incredible bond between he and our daughter.

Our only regret is that we are moving and cannot continue with her program. I, however, feel confident that she has provided us with a wonderful foundation to continue our training journey as he continues to develop.

Allison K.

Absolutely!!! Kobe is doing so much better!! Staff is amazing.

Heather Jean C.

The best dog training classes I have ever taken my pup to! I highly recommend!!!

Lauren P.