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Want a dog that remains calm in public, listens to your commands and doesn't present a threat to other dogs and people? Dog training classes from Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility are the answer. Our skilled dog trainers prepare dogs and owners for real-world situations through puppy crate training, dog obedience training and other methods. We even offer drop-off dog training options, so you can leave your pup in capable and caring hands with our trainer and dog behaviorist inNorfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, & Chesapeake, VA.

Create a superior bond with your dog

Dog and puppy obedience training is incredibly important and requires more work than simply using an electronic collar. The most helpful thing we can do for you is get you to understand how dog behavior and training work. We have extensive knowledge about dog psychology, and we'll teach you proper reward and correction methods. It takes time and effort, but it's worth it to have a deeper connection with your dog. Reach out to us today to see if your dog is a good fit for our dog training classes.

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Citizen K9 Dog Training & Agility

You probably want the best care possible for your dog, and we're happy to provide it. You can feel confident working with our dog trainers and dog behaviorist because we:

Have been in business for over 13 years

Love the work we do and the dogs we train

Meet the needs of every unique animal and owner

Our dog behaviorists will give you amazing results while respecting and listening to your dog. Call us now at 757-724-1332 to join a class. Be sure to ask about our military or first responder discount.